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Gift Ideas

When you’re looking for the perfect gift, it has to tick two boxes: what do they need? And what do they want? These packs have both those covered. Everybody needs good nutrition. And everybody loves food that is quick and tasty. 

If you would like to include a card with a personal message, we've got you covered, just send us your note of 25 words or less when you receive your order confirmation or email us.

What Everyone's Saying

"My sister just had a baby she will really benefit from having these as I sure have loved them for on-the-go after just having my third kiddo!! Thank you again, you guys are such a great company to support!!"

-Daisy W-

"Being able to send Blended smoothies to my friend and her family while her husband goes through treatment has been amazing. They all love them and I love that I can help them in some small, but still useful way. Thank you!"

-Nicole S-

"The Parent Sanity Pack is my go-to gift for new parents because it helps keep them nourished and energized when sleep just isn’t happening. My daughter’s faves are Green Beginnings & Inside & Out."

-Lenka W-