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Beauty & Healthy-Aging

These smoothies are designed with key superpowers that help your body eliminate toxins while supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. Think of them as a daily dose of free-radical fighting and strength building for your inner and outer self. 

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What Everyone's Saying

"I wanted to do a cleanse and reset after feeling sluggish. A fabulous gal and trainer Simone recommended Blended for you and so I ordered the 15 pack cleanse and reset. Was very easy to do and the 3 days flew by. I not only lost weight and inches but felt a renewed energy and determination to get back on track. I am going to order more to continue the healthy habits. Thank you!!"


"The Matcha Morning is such a great way to start the day. A very fresh and tasty smoothie, definitely feels like goodness for the bod and gives me the kick start needed for my day!"


"The Acai Radiance is refreshing & delicious - the taste is amazing! Will always be ordering this in our orders!"