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Hey, you're here…

which probably means that like us, you've realized that fuelling yourself and your people with essential nutrients is both necessary, and sometimes hard (and that no matter how convenient, almond milk lattes are simply not a meal-on-the-go).

We started developing mega nutrient-packed smoothies to support some of our loved ones who needed high-quality, easily absorbed nutrition to get through critical health hurdles. They also kept us healthy & fuelled for our own hectic lives. So, we thought, if we need this, you might just need it too.

After testing hundreds of recipes, Blended For You was born. We have a full line-up of nutritionally balanced, superfood-boosted smoothies, soups and chia bowls designed to cover your different personal tastes, health needs and goals. Blended, frozen and ready-to-use your way: blender, straight from the pack, or shaker cup style.

Welcome to our Blended family.

Deanna Embury