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Why Our Going Biodegradable/Compostable = Free Smoothies For You

Why Our Going Biodegradable/Compostable = Free Smoothies For You

Let's Talk About Footprint & Why Blended is Going to Biodegradable/Compostable Packaging

Blended is all about helping people and communities be healthier.   From the start of development, our end footprint was (continues to be) a key priority when making both product and packaging decisions.  Food waste and packaging are the two main areas we've been focusing on during our start-up.
Blended food waste runs at about 0.5%, which is a tremendous amount lower than traditional grocery store and food production operations.
Each year in Canada a significant portion of the food produced and purchased is never eaten (approx. 25% of groceries consumers buy end up in the garbage with produce being a considerable portion of this stat). Uneaten food often ends in landfills, where it contributes to accumulating waste and creates methane – a powerful greenhouse gas.  Food waste impact isn't just the food lost, it is the entire supply chain impact: resources to grow and harvest, transportation, shelf life-cycle (store & home), waste transport, then finally the landfill toss. We love that our production allows for an almost 0% food waste rate and helps our customers reduce how much they throw away, too (oh hey, saving money and reducing footprint!). 
We chose our current pouches for functionality, food safe assurance, and material efficiency (ie. when compared to 16 oz disposable smoothie cups and bottles, they use approx 1/3 less material and take up an average of 70% less transport space). Our frozen smoothie packs also require less non-reusable cooling and box packaging traditionally used by fresh & frozen prepared food delivery operations.  

Our current packaging is soft-plastics recyclable, however, our goal over the last year has been getting into biodegradable, compostable pouches.  
We want it.  And, we know you want it, too. 

After sourcing and endless feedback from suppliers who told us 'it will be too expensive', we found a company in the Vancouver lower mainland that was willing to work with us in designing and producing a pouch made from entirely plant-based material. Yes, it does cost more, but we are determined to stay at the front of what is possible in contributing to a reduced-plastics world.  

Customer support and participation is key in our being able to make this all happen.  After rounds of testing on our end, we're going to be asking you to help us in our final phase of development. 

Helping Us Test = Free Smoothies for You

We need your help with making the final push into an exciting new 'non-plastics pouch' world.

Like awesome 'new biodegradable, compostable packaging present-giving' Elves, in July, as soon as they're ready, we're going to be sending out free sample smoothies in the new packaging. You'll be given a heads up on the extras being added to your order and reaching out for feedback.