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Our blends are designed to be a complete-nutrition smoothie meals (we've got the carbs, proteins & healthy fats covered)* and boosted with superfoods to support different health goals and taste preferences. Ingredients are paired to support your body's absorption of the key nutrients (check out the nutrition panel/brag sheet on each product page) and organic is used where possible.  

*our Keto blends are low carbohydrate vs macro-balanced

Yes!  We love plants so much, even our packaging is made from compostable plant materials and inks. Good for you, good for the planet. 

We deliver to most cities and surrounding areas in British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario. Included are Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Toronto (up to a 150+ KM range surrounding each). 

Check out our delivery page to find out if we deliver to your little corner of Canada. If we don't, please send us a message.

Stay tuned for new delivery areas opening up soon!

We're all about keeping your personal smoothie bar stocked. Here are some options: 

1. You can pick up from our production facility in East Vancouver or Toronto locations. When checking out, choose the pick up option.

2. Delivery to your workplace: orders are packed in a cool-liner which will keep your packs frozen for the day. 

3. Have your order dropped with a friend or neighbour who supports your love for delicious, mega-nutrient packed, energizing smoothies.