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Cleanse Plans

Reset and get into healthy eating habits with one of our Cleanse Plans. The benefits can include increased energy, reduced inflammation, kicking unhealthy food cravings (think sugar, salt, fast foods), weight loss, improved metabolism, improved sleep and overall feeling great. 

What Everyone's Saying

"I loved this! I didn’t feel hungry during the 3 days. I felt a bit tired during my morning workout, but otherwise felt great! I love the different options of how to eat the smoothies. Chose to eat with a spoon out of the pouch. Delicious! My husband joined me and each pouch he had the same reaction “I was expecting these to taste bad, but they are SO GOOD!"


"I've been loving the convenience of the Blended For You smoothies! As a mom and on the go, it's so handy to have, defrost, rip/cut a small hole, put a reusable straw in and voila!"


"I throw it in the bag when we head to soccer practice and when we're done it's ready for my daughter to eat. She just eats it out of the pack like chocolate ice cream."