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The Blended Team is here to help you keep healthy and nourished. We understand that staying strong and immunity-boosted is a big priority, and so is limiting movement in public spaces: we've got you on both. Please find info on our Covid-19 response and general updates below.

Health & Safety Protocols

Blended For You operates in a closed and controlled facility.  Blended has always been, and will continue to be, very strict on every step of safe production and product handling and safeguarding around employee health (including following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & Food Safe requirements and the updated VCH recommended food production guidelines) at every point of our production.  We are fortunate that our set up allows for safe social distancing between each person and have secured access to the PPE needed, including masks and gloves.

Ordering Timelines

Every effort is being made to get your orders to your door as fast as we can.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the processing and delivery of your orders.  We welcome you to email us if you'd like help with ordering or managing your subscription.  

Same-Day Local Couriers

A Contactless Delivery System is in place and all in-person delivery interactions have been moved to device-driven interactions (text/call when orders are dropped vs personal exchange).  The drivers wear gloves and masks and keep sanitizer on-hand at all times. Extra elevator-targeted safety protocols have all been implemented.  


Purolator has established a cross-functional COVID-19 taskforce and a robust emergency preparedness plan that addresses all of their operations. They are following all travel and health advisories identified by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Safety measures to help mitigate health and safety risks to their employees and customers have been implemented.

Thank You

Thank you for letting us help keep you nourished and heathy. We are here to support you and our communities during this challenging time.  If you have any questions on the above, please email us: CONNECT WITH BLENDED

Deanna Embury, CEO, Blended For You

Our blends are designed to be a complete-nutrition meal (we've got the carbs, proteins & healthy fats covered)* and boosted with superfoods to support different health goals and taste preferences. Ingredients are paired to support your body's absorption of the key nutrients (check out the nutrition panel/brag sheet on each product page) and organic is used where possible.  

*our Keto blends are low carbohydrate vs macro-balanced

Yes! Our smoothies, soups and chia bowls are always 100% vegan, soy-free and gluten-free and we have lots of blends that cater to specific dietary needs. We'd love to make sure you get the blends that are right for your health goals and taste preferences. Please email us with your questions. 

In the Vancouver lower mainland area, good conditioned cool-liners can be returned for sanitization and reuse (please leave outside your door for the driver to pick up when delivering your next order). In other service areas, we are working with our delivery partners to enable cool-liner returns. 

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and Apple Pay as payment. If you want to talk to us about other options, please email us.

Yes. Please rinse out your used blend packs and recycle in your #2 bin.

Yes, your delivery comes with a cool-liner to keep the blends frozen.  Ice packs are added if you are on our direct over-night vs same day routes. Please put your packs in the freezer the same day they are delivered.

Yes! Share the Blended For You love and get free smoothies, soups or bowls with our "Give $15, Get $15" referral program. Get $15 off your next order every time someone you refer places their first order. We'll give them a $15 welcome credit, too.  Combine credits to save up for a free order or use one at a time. Valid for as-you-go ordering and subscriptions plans. Include your referrer's name in the notes section when you check out or email us and we will make sure you both get your credits.

We're all about keeping your freezer stocked with healthful smoothies, soups and chia bowls. Here are some options: 

1. You can pick up from our production facility in East Vancouver or Etobicoke locations. When checking out, choose the pick up option.

2. Delivery to your workplace: orders are packed in a cool-liner which will keep your packs frozen for the day. 

3. Have your order dropped with a friend or neighbour who supports your love for delicious, mega-nutrient packed, energizing smoothies. 

We deliver to most cities and surrounding areas in British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario. Included are Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Toronto (up to a 150+ KM range surrounding each). 

Check out our delivery page to find out if we deliver to your area. If we don't, please send us a message.

Stay tuned for new delivery areas opening up soon!

When stored in the freezer, our smoothies, soups and chia bowls have several months' shelf-life. It ranges by blend and boosters. There is an 'enjoy before' date at the top of each pack. 

We do not recommend thawing the blends then completely refreezing. If fully thawed, the smoothies should be kept in the fridge and enjoyed within 1 to 2 days. Once thawed out of the fridge, enjoy the same day.

If you have any other questions or would like to book a call with a Blended Team Member to discuss our smoothies and/or how it all works, please send us a note.

Happy Blending!