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Athletic Performance & Natural Energy

Meet our energy-boosting-focused nutrition crew, ready to fuel your daily hustle and athletics of choice. These natural-energy giving blends will keep you going (jitter-free) and also support muscle recovery & reducing inflammation. 

What & When Tips: 

  • Energy-boosting: Maca Energy • The Athlete • The Nutty Athlete • Shroom Energy • Chia Energy Bowl • The Remedy • Daily Chai • Nutty Chocolate Lover
  • Recovery: The Remedy • The Athlete • Lime Mojito • Greens Daily Dose

What Everyone's Saying

"Delicious! Easy! Quick! Healthy! Everything a working mom needs to keep on going! Rather than grab a protein bar that's filled with ingredients I can't even pronounce, or order food that costs an arm and a leg, I can always depend on my flavour filled smoothies as a snack or even meal at my desk."


"I like the Blended For You smoothies because of the health enhancing nutrients in each one & they taste great. My favourites are The Remedy, The Greens D-tox and The Athlete - with ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, kale and dandelion root in there, I know I am giving my body what it needs to stay healthy. As a person who prefers having 6-7 smaller meals per day, I often have a smoothie as my breakfast and mid-afternoon snack. It is so stress relieving to have these smoothies ready to go as I need them."


"So delicious! I can't say how much I loved the Nutty Athlete! I've been making my own smoothies for years at home and have never been able to create the perfect mix of ingredients. I either end up with too many veggies so it's bitter or too many fruits so it's too sweet. This was perfect...I could have it every day!!"