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For every smoothie in your order (including every pack in a combo or cleanse), we donate a piece of fresh fruit or a serving of veggies to school kids with Edmonds Healthy Heroes.

Edmonds Healthy Heroes (EHH) is a not-for-profit initiative that has been set up to provide fresh produce for the in-need kids at Edmonds Community School in Burnaby – a community and school where the majority of children come from low income and at risk families.

The reality is that many of these children and families face massive challenges. The teachers’s own efforts and use of personal funds to bring in fresh food for their classes simply isn’t enough or sustainable. 

Last year, a group of us were personally touched by the experience of joining the Edmonds students on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. Typically, children would find pleasure from running around in the pouring rain of a pumpkin patch covered in mud. However, many students spent half their time collecting pumpkins and feed corn in umbrellas to bring home to their families for dinner. This experience alone really hit the message home - these children have for a huge need for something that is a given for most of us - fresh produce and other foods.

The need and our ability to help were both obvious; we can do better as a community to help the kids at Edmonds and their families.

We are teaming up with Edmonds Community School, Langlois Brown Wealth Management, and local food suppliers and distributors to launch this great program. Our goal is simple: give the in-need students of Edmonds access to a serving of fresh produce every school day.