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Blended For You was developed out of a passion for helping people eat well and live healthy, energetic lives. Our delicious, frozen, ready-to-blend or spoon-from-the-pouch, smoothies are mega-nourishing and packed with protein. Always plant-based, gluten-free, zero-refined sugar.

Why Stock Blended Smoothies

We’ve done our share of work and personal travel, as well as longer stays in furnished suites. The Blended Freezer Stocking program was designed to help your guests balance the hustle of travel with personal health. Sometimes we all just want (and need) something quick that is going to make our taste buds happy, energize and get us out the door.

Blended smoothies are an easy way to provide your guests with a unique offering: quick, nourishing breakfast or midday snack on-the-go. Perfect for the busy work traveler, avid activity-goer (in-room or take for the day), and those needing a little morning-after recovery (cue The Remedy blend).

How it Works

  1. Stock a selection of blends in your in-room freezers (like a mini-bar).
  2. Allow guests to order their blends of choice daily or for the duration of their stay; this option is great for a more personalized offering.

Handling & Prep

The blends are stored frozen and stocked in guest room freezers. If guests are ordering daily, they can be stocked in their room fridge to thaw and enjoy that day or the next.

Prep: let thaw and spoon straight from the pouch or blend with liquid (cold water or plant-based milks). For blending, a simple blender like a Nutri-Bullet is all that’s needed. The Chia Energy Bowl is spoon-from-the pouch only.

Blended will provide product information & how-to enjoy cards.