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What Everyone's Saying

"The Blended for You 3-Day cleanse truly energized me, cleared my head and relaxed me all at the same time. The 5 nutritious and tasty smoothies per day filled me up and energized me, the elimination of caffeine, wine, and unhealthy snacks on the go cleared my head and not having to think about what to make for meals relaxed me. I loved the way I felt so much that I actually did another Blended 3-Day cleanse simultaneously and I still continue to keep these convenient nutritious smoothies on hand to get me through my busy week."


"My wife and I tried this cleanse as a way to kickstart our diet and exercise routine. The plan is very easy to follow with great easy to make recipes and tasty smoothies. The meals take about 15 minutes to prepare and are tasty and filling. We did not feel hungry at any point and if anything we had a tough time finishing all the food. After one week I lost over 8 pounds and feel fantastic. I’ll most likely try this again in a few months. Highly recommend it."


"The biggest thing I learned from doing this cleanse was the relationship with food I had - taking a break, you realize that you really don't need those foods - you don't need those carbohydrates, you don't need those salty snacks. It's like creating a new relationship, and you feel so much more healthy and happy that you're in control. That's what I really liked about this 3-day cleanse with Blended For You. You know you have a smoothie in the morning, boom, then you have one at snack, one at lunch, one in the afternoon and then the bedtime one that puts you to sleep - it's a really great system. And you know, it was easy."