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We’re unreservedly passionate about high-quality, nourishing, plant-based foods, particularly smoothies and smoothie bowls (our personal consumption is high!). We also love business and working with our wholesale partners to bring delicious foods to their customers. 

As experienced fresh food cafe owners & operators, we know that smoothies & bowls are a customer favourite and a great revenue stream, but also understand the pain points of prep time, waste & stocking all the ingredient SKUs needed for making them great.

Highlights of using our ready-to-blend packs:

Product Quality & Consistency: creative, delicious, high-quality blends that your customers will love.  The perfect smoothie, properly portioned, every time. Zero waste: our smoothie blends have a 5+ month freezer shelf-life & there’s no ingredient over-portioning when making. They also make it easy to cater to common dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free).

Easy Supply Chain: instead of 20+ ingredient SKUs for inventory & ordering, it’s just the number of types of smoothies on your menu plus the blending liquids. 24 blends fit in a 12 x 9 x 6 box in your freezer.

Minimal Prep, Handling & Labour Costs: two minutes to prep, reducing customer wait time and labour costs.