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Want Healthy Bones & Strong Muscles?

amino acids for muscle and strength
Want to build and keep muscle, help your bones and teeth stay strong, and support your body’s key functions? Understanding and getting your amino-acids is key. Today, we're talking about the nine essential amino acids (your body can't make) and how to get them from the foods you eat.

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Nutrition for Stress Support

nutrition for stress support
Chronic stress has a hugely negative import on our mental and physical health. In this post, we're getting into the stress what-why, foods and boosters that will help your body manage stress, and the blends we've created to support it. 

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Foods for Four Big Health Asks

foods for energy, bloating, skin care, immunity
In this blog post, we're getting into some of Blended's top-pick foods and boosters some of your top health support asks: energy, immunity, bloating & digestion, and hair strength and skin glow. 

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Turn Your Metabolism from Low to High

Foods to Boost Your Metabolism
Keeping your metabolism running optimally is a big deal when it comes to your overall physical and mental health, weight and energy levels. In this post, we're getting into foods we love for keeping your metabolism fired up and support this key process. 

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Getting a Sweet Sleep

nutrition for better sleep
Lack of sleep has been closely associated with hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, obesity, diabetes, depression and anxiety, decreased brain function, memory loss, weakened immune system, lower fertility rates and psychiatric disorders. In summary: it's really really important for your long term mental and physical health. Here are some tips for getting better sleep (plan on doing them for about 4 weeks to see big results).

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