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Cleanse Plans

Health-reset and energize with a Blended Cleanse Plan.

Our cleanse plans, designed to support your body's natural detoxification processes, include foods that are high-fibre, nutritionally balanced, and combined to bring you big health benefits. They're about restoring health, not depriving your body. Simple to follow and easy to work into a busy schedule. 

Why do a Cleanse?

Breakup with sugar, alcohol, salt, and processed foods (taste bud resetting is a thing) & get on track with healthy eating habits.

Nourish your body with ingredients that support reducing inflammation, improve gut health & clear brain fog.

Boost mental & physical energy, and start your weight loss journey (if that’s a goal).

Bonus: you don’t need to think about meal prep for three days.

What Everyone's Saying

"I felt as though I accomplished something that I have been trying to do for the past year, just focusing on myself, my health and well being."

-Paola - Founder @ Sugarmoon-

Read Paola's 3-day Cleanse Discoveries

"I loved this! I didn’t feel hungry during the 3 days. I love the different options of how to eat the smoothies. Chose to eat with a spoon out of the pouch. Delicious! My husband joined me and each pouch he had the same reaction “I was expecting these to taste bad, but they are SO GOOD!"


"I've been loving the convenience of the Blended For You smoothies! As a mom and on the go, it's so handy to have, defrost, rip/cut a small hole, put a reusable straw in and voila!"


"I throw it in the bag when we head to soccer practice and when we're done it's ready for my daughter to eat. She just eats it out of the pack like chocolate ice cream."