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Kid Faves

Great for anyone, anytime. This smoothie set is adored by kids and loved by parents because we’ve done a really good job of hiding all the vegetables & include a high level of plant-based protein. They're great as an on-the-go snack or straight-from-the-pack (or in a bowl) with a spoon like ‘nice cream’.

What Everyone's Saying

"My daughter (9) has been home from school with a sore throat for two days and has only been able to drink your smoothies! Good job!"


"I've been loving the convenience of the Blended For You smoothies! As a mom and on the go, it's so handy to have, defrost, rip/cut a small hole, put a reusable straw in and voila!"


"I throw it in the bag when we head to soccer practice and when we're done it's ready for my daughter to eat. She just eats it out of the pack like chocolate ice cream."